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3W mini audio stereo amplifier
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3W mini audio stereo amplifier

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This is a mini stereo amplifier.  It is a fully functional, two-channel audio amplifier, with an integrated sleep mode function. You can disable it on your sketch if you are not using it or not needed by connecting the sleep pin on your board. This amp is a nice fit for the DF 


  • Power Supply: DC 3.6-5.5V (DO NOT apply over 5.5V, it damage the chip presently)
  • Output power: 3w+3w (4 ohms)
  • Efficiency: >90%
  • Size: 15.5*24mm (0.6*0.94'')



Sleep Mode: 
When the "SW" PIN is low(0V), it will turn off the amplifier's bias circuitry. and enter the sleeping mode.
When the "SW" value is high(5V), it will enter the working mode.

By default (without anything connected to this PIN) it will be HIGH / powered on and in normal operation. If you don't need to turn it off manually, you can leave this pin disconnected like in the wiring diagram picture. This feature is optional and will allow you by software to turn it off, to avoid noise or save power. Note, the picture has a battery for power input, but you can use other power supply at 5V.