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8*8 LED RGB Matrix

8*8 LED RGB Matrix

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A dot matrix display is a display device used to display information on machines, clocks, railway departure indicators and many other devices requiring a simple display device of limited resolution.Even if the 8x8 RGB led dot matrix is commonly used in lots of applications, but it require too much digital pins to drive it. And the software is too complex also. 

The 8x8 LED RGB matrix module aimed to solve these problems.Directly drive the 8x8 RGB matrix module via the SPI serial interface. It works with 3-wire digital pins and the hardware SPI interface.The RGB matrix module from DFRobot is Daisy-chainable connection design - vertically and horizontally at the same time.And the high speed data transmission design improves its' display refresh rate.So it's possible to assemble a big RGB Matrix screen. 

Unit comes with a Red/Green/Blue full color LED Matrix assembled with a RGB Matrix Backpack Controller.Certainly,it directly support Arduino. And the library supplied is helpful to drive it much easier. 

Attention:Due to the restrictions, currently only supports 7 colors display, maximum 3x3 cascade!


  • Power supply: 5v
  • Max current comsuption: 300mA
  • Communications interface: SPI(3 digital pins or hardware SPI interface)
  • LED color: RGB tri-color LEDs
  • 8x8 dot matrix display assembled
  • Useful both for industrial and commercial information displays as well as for hobbyist human–machine interfaces
  • Directly support Arduino
  • Simplify the driving way
  • Daisy-chainable connection design - vertically and horizontally at the same time
  • High speed data transmission design to improve the display refresh rate
  • Size: 60x60mm