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DM163024 - Internet/Ethernet

DM163024 - Internet/Ethernet

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DM163024 - Internet/Ethernet 2 Development Board with 16 x 2 LCD Display and Two RJ45 Connectors (Used)

Product Overview

The DM163024 is a 2 internet/ethernet development board supporting both the popular ENC28J60 ethernet controller and the single chip PIC18F97J60 ethernet microcontroller family. With this board, using Microchip's free TCP/IP stack, a web server can be developed showcasing the capability to remote monitor and control embedded applications over the Internet. The ENC28J60 is a stand alone ethernet controller with an industry standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). It is designed to serve as an ethernet network interface for any controller equipped with SPI. The ENC28J60 meets all of the IEEE 802.3 specifications. It incorporates a number of packet filtering schemes to limit incoming packets. It also provides an internal DMA module for fast data throughput and hardware assisted IP checksum calculations. Communication with the host controller is implemented via two interrupt pins and the SPI, with data rates of up to 10Mb/s.

  • Web server with HTML support
  • Microchip free TCP/IP stack support
  • 2 x ethernet interface (RJ 45 connector)
  • PICtail connector for future expansion boards
  • 16 x 2 character alpha numeric LCD display
  • ICSP/MPLAB ICD 2 interface connector for in circuit programming and debugging
  • Programmable buttons/LEDs
  • RS 232/RS 485 interface
  • Real time clock
  • Temp sensor


Embedded Design & Development, LED Lighting, Wireless, Communications & Networking