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Rain sensor module for Arduino

Rain sensor module for Arduino

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Weight: 10 grams
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Product info:

1) This product is used to detect or measure the amount of rain.

2) Operating voltage: 3.3 to 5Vdc.

3) Power and status LED indicator.

4) Adjustable trigger threshold. Adjust potentiometer clockwise to increase sensitivity.                

5) Digital and analog output.

6) Digital output format:              

                1 = Measured value < Set value                 (status LED off)

                0 = Measured value => Set value              (status LED on)

7) Analog output can be connected to microcontroller analog pin to get the amount of rain value.

8) Pinout:

                VCC = 3.3 to 5V

                GND  = Ground                

                DO  = Digital output

                AO = Analog output                                       

9) Dimension: 31 x 15 mm.