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Relay Output Module
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Relay Output Module

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SKU: 10001030
Weight: 22 grams
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Description :

Unlike other types of SPDT relay, AD_RLY-BR provides simple solutions for those who does not want to involve too much soldering activity. AD_RLY-BR includes of 5V spdt type relay which can be use for switching operation. On top of the PCB board, there are 2 units of header pin and 1 unit terminal block which is hard wired to the relay pins (NO,NC,C). This module comes without LED indicator like AD_RLY-DR.


Technical Specifications :

  • Maximum output current = 10A

  • Minimum coil voltage operation = 4 VDC

  • Maximum coil voltage operation = 5 VDC

  • Indicator LED: Not provided

Sample of connection :