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Apitor Robot Q
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Apitor Robot Q

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About this item

  • 20 Fun Robots for Kids: There are 20 models of this programming robot. Each model of this educational robot offers children a unique way to play and explore. For example, after setting up a program with the robotic kit, children can clap their hands next to their phone or tablet, and the sensor-equipped puppy robot will listen the commands to walk around and make cute sounds. This coding toy will keep your kids busy. (Motors require 3 AA batteries, not included).
  • Robot Programming Course: The Apitor Kit App provides free lessons for kids to write their own programs to control the coding robot. Once kids have written their program modules, they also can share their codes with friends and classmates through the App's sharing feature. Parents can let their kids learn to code while playing with the STEM robot without extra fee.
  • Powerful Sensors: This robot kit for kids has a color sensor and an infrared sensor. The color sensor recognizes red, blue, and other colors, and it acts like the robot's eyes. The infrared sensor can be used to detect distance and avoid obstacles. These sensors allow the toy robot to perform many actions after being programmed. Robot Q has the advantage of greater operational possibilities compared to other toys on the market that are not equipped with sensors.
  • Gyroscope Control STEM Kit: This robot kit for kids is able to work with the gravity gyro control system from a smartphone or tablet, and children can adjust the forward, backward, left, and right turn directions of the programmable robot by holding the smartphone or tablet. Another purpose of this robot building kit is to train children's balance skills by operating the robot project to move. Children can strengthen their sense of direction and controlling skills while interacting with the coding robot kit.
  • Easy to Build: This programming robot toy is super easy for kids ages 6+ to build with only 233 blocks. We have developed an App for this building block robot (compatible with devices Android 8 or above, iOS 10 or above). Each model of this robot for kids has a very detailed construction and installation diagram. Children only need to open the App, use instructions and build a robot toy within 1 hour.

Robot Q, Coding Robot for Kids

Apitor designed the Robot Q robotic kit for kids with the idea that kids can play while learning. We have provided educational toys to tens of thousands of American families and STEM educational institutions. The launch of this kids coding toy provides parents with a better choice with the Apitor robot kit for their children by allowing them to show their talents in a fun and playful way and become the future technology talents.

stem robot for kids

When blocks meet motors and sensors?

The Gorilla building robot is an example of the perfect combination of building blocks, motors, and sensors in the Robot Q series. First, install the battery and build the model, then turn on the power and connect to the STEM robot via Bluetooth, and finally write a program to control the robot. Sensors can sense colors (red, blue, and others) and infrared (distance 0-7), equivalent to the robot's eyes. When a sensor on the nose of the Gorilla robot kit senses a prop banana, the Gorilla chases the banana forward. Kids can also hold a prop banana and let the Gorilla robot chase them around. This fun way of play will retain kids’ attention. Our robotic building kit has 20 different fun ways for kids to discover and enjoy.

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How to choose the right STEM project for your kids?

Parents can pick robotic toys for their children at an early age to cultivate their hidden talents. Children around 6 years old are very active and imaginative. There may have 100,000 whys every day, so STEM toys have become more and more popular. This STEM educational toy is beautifully and well packaged, and the bright green and yellow robot is very please to the eyes. Strong visual impact will make children fall in love at the first sight. It is the great gift for children as young as 6 years old.

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How to use this creative coding robot for kids?

1. Download and install our "Apitor Kit" App according to your system (iOS/Android).

2. Open the App, select the robot model, and build it according to the built-in construction manual in the App.

3. Turn on the switch of the STEM robot and connect via Bluetooth.

4. Remote control or program the robot.