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SB40 Target Board
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SB40 Target Board

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SKU: 10001210
Weight: 100 grams
Stock: Stock available

Brand: Astana
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SB40A is a starter board for 40 pin PIC microcontroller 8 bit or 16 bit family. It is designed to support PIC16F and PIC18F. This board is designed to ease user in developing a new electronic circuit with minimum wiring error and accelerate the design process. Furthermore, SB40 can be use many times because there are no soldering process is required. Thus, it helps user to save their money from buy a new components each time the circuit were construct.


  •   Terminal block connector
  •   On board 5 volt voltage regulator
  •   3 types of power input connector, Header pin, power jack and terminal block.
  •   External connector for ICSP USB programmer
  •   Power LED indicator
  •   Oscillator circuit with 20MHZ crystal
  •   Reverse voltage protector
  •   Reset button
  •   Diameter: 110mm x 80mmEvery board is being fully tested before shipment to customer
  •   Suitable for hobbyist and experts.
  •   Compact, powerful, flexible and robust start-up platform.
  •   Can connect another microcontroller interface module as LCD module, key pad module, 7 segment   module and others.
  •   Programmable LEDs.
  •   Mini closed jumper included in the board.